Social Responsibility

Milking Cattle is the basic need for Dairy Industry. To obtain milk from cattle, it is very necessary that they must be healthy & free from any type of diseases. As a part of social responsibility towards the milk producers, veterinary division of Milk Union provides various input services to milk pourers of village milk producers’ cooperative societies. Brief on some of them are given below.

Animal health related services: Vaccination of animals against different diseases for prevention of diseases, prophylactic treatment like mass deworming & prevention of Mastitis, treatment of sick animals, breeding activities through Artificial Inseminations, free infertility camps at village level, supply of Mineral mixture and deworming medicines for the animals of milk producers on low price.

Financial aids: Union is providing financial help for cattle insurance, draws subsidies on various components like milking machine, electric chaff-cutter, AMCS & BMCU, Godown & DudhGhar for VDCS from Government and conveys towards the milk producing coop. societies & milk producers through the I-Kishan Portal.

Awareness programs: Vision Mission Strategy program has been regularly organized on different villages for awareness of milk producers. Pashupalan Shibir is organized every year to educate the farmers & milk producers in mass, Milk Day is organized among the milk producers with the updated & scientific knowledge regarding dairy industry. Selected women milk producers from different milk societies are trained at GCMMF Ltd., Anand in order to increase milk production. Various seminars has been held for milk producers & VDCS like implementation of GST, animal enumerations, digital banking etc at union level.

Developmental activities: Milk Union is making cattle census every 5 year for the study of existing milking & non-milking population of cattle in milk shed area. Prepared plans for establishment of Cattle Feed Factory & New Dairy Processing Plant for development of milk producers, employee & milk Union.

Madhur Social Responsibility
Madhur Social Responsibility