Madhur dairy : 50 years of manhood celebration
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Gandhinagar District Cooperative Milk Union Ltd well known as Madhur Dairy is an ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 22000-2005 organization established on 6th February, 1971 under Gujarat Cooperative Society Act- 1962. This Union is small in size but credible and large in rewarding the highest milk price to farmers in Gujarat.

Looking to the milk procurement data, Madhur had progressed very fast from 3000 LPD in year 1962 to 2.64 Lakh LPD in year 2018. The Union has focused on awareness and education of primary milk producers which is resulted in increased milk procurement, cattle development services. Madhur dairy has total number of 204 Village Dairy Cooperative societies (VDCS) having total members of 47,021 registered as primary milk producers.  It is our proud that out of total 166 VDSC, we have 38 cooperatives run by only women. This is a great milestone in development of Madhur Dairy. 

Considering the financial growth of the Madhur, it is notable that the Union has reached to 500 crores of turnover in year 2016-17. Apartfrom the milk and milk products, Madhur Sweets has captured a best market in capital.

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મધુર લોકમાનસ : ભાગ 3 સરકાર અને સહકારનો સમન્વય

મધુર લોકમાનસ : ભાગ 3 સરકાર અને સહકારનો સમન્વય: વ્હાલા પશુપાલક ભાઇઓ અને બહેનો. લોકડાઉન હળવુ થઇ રહ્યુ છે. કોરોના સામે લડવાનુ આપણી નવી શરૂઆત. આપણી આસપાસ કોરોના છે પણ આપણામાં નથી એવી હિંમત અને સાવચેતી થી આપણે સૌ આપણા રોજિંદી જિંદગી તરફ પાછા વળી રહ્યા છીએ. મિત્રો સરકારે લગભગ બે મહિનાના લાંબા લોકડાઉનમાં પોતાની ફરજ બજાવી છે. આપણે સૌએ ધીરજ અને ડર થી ઘરમાં સુરક્ષિત રહ્યા છીએ.

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Inauguration of Sahakar Setu Madhur Parlor- Koba Gam

Inauguration of Sahakar Setu Madhur Parlor- Koba Gam

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"An award Dairy Champion Company of the Year- 2019"

We happily announce that Gandhinagar District Co-Operative Milk Producer Union Ltd, Madhur dairy, Gandhinagar has won award "Dairy Champion Company of the Year - 2019" In Indian Food Safety Summit and Awards 2019 for Safety, Quality and Technology Which was held at Hotel Vivanta By Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi. 

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"Dairy Champion Company of the Year- 2019"

Sandesh News paper dated 11/12/2019

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